May 5, 2011

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The picture of Obama on the edge of his seat, and with so much intensity on his face is riveting.

Then there’s Hillary. I’ve always thought of her as someone who is “un-feminine” because of her intelligence, ballsy decisions, don’t-fuck-with-me attitude. This shot of Hillary is a rare display of her feminine side.

And then there are of course, all these accompanying articles, which I read with the soundtrack of “Mission Impossible” playing in my head. 


Romina Garcia said...

OMG this is a wonderful, thought provoking post.
I wonder whether it is the fact that she is a woman, or whether it's the fact that she's a mother that gives her this quality.
What a magnificent display of the difference in sexes.
Awesome perspective.

Romina Garcia said...

Just showed my husband this post, and he thought it was awesome too...