May 1, 2011

Cotton Candy Colors

When I was still single, I find families wearing matching outfits quite corny. Young siblings can get away with it and would actually look cute (and we have plenty of matching outfits for my two girls). But mom and kids? The entire family wearing the same colors? Not my cup of tea.

Then I became a mom. And I did exactly the same thing.
This was actually taken during the Easter Egg Hunt activity in our neighborhood.  My daughter Unna, decided to wear cotton candy colors. I followed suit. She is still in that stage when she still gets excited about Mom-and-daughter-outfits. Must take advantage while she still finds it cute (just didn't look like it in this picture, hehe). A few more years down the line and I'm sure she will find the idea repulsive ;-D
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My candy colored outfit: from a thrift shop in Bangkok
Unna's candy colored top: a hand-me-down from her cousins


Lizeylou said...

Well I think you all look gorgeous!!

Naturally Carol said...

She'll probably look at that photo and say that you made her wear that outfit and she was miserable. So far from the truth! You coordinate beautifully! My eldest son told me that he was obviously neglected when he was young because his hair was long in a was the rage to have long hair in the early eighties..but by the nineties it was all about short hair!!

Kymmie said...

I love how we both have thought along the same lines... I love this! And now you're bringing back a childhood memory, me and my mum in matching yellow pantsuits. We caught the plane wearing the same outfit. And at the time I loved it. There was a stage where I hated it and found it corny, but I love it again, now I'm a mum.

I guess I'll never have matching outfits with my boys, but I envy the fact that you have this opportunity with your girls ;)

You both look smashing! So glad you linked up at Fancy Pants today. xx

Romina Garcia said...

Haha!! I was exactly the same. I love it. I think you all look gorgeous.
I dress similarly to my girls as much as possible. Corny, I know - but they get so excited about it I can't resist!

supermac said...

Thanks Lizeylou, Carol, Kymmie and Romina. This makes me want to buy more color coordinated outfits. Hahaha.