May 2, 2011

And Justice For All

What were once the tallest buildings in the world,
the iconic WTC, now missing in the New York skyline.
In last year's anniversary of 9/11, I wrote about a visit I made to the Twin Towers Memorial site and museum back in 2007.

There were pictures around the area of that fateful day and inscriptions, hour-by-hour descriptions of the events leading to the total destruction of the Twin Towers. There were a lot of tourists that day, and not a few people were shamelessly sobbing in front of these pictures. I did not cry but there was a lump in my throat, which I tried to ease by immediately lighting a cigarette. 

A memorial for a New Jersey-based firefighter. Back
in 2007, some of these mementoes still smell
of burnt metal.
A few hours ago, I saw on Twitter the news about the death of Bin Laden and almost immediately, I was brought back to that memorial site again. The fear, the madness of it all, the smell of burnt metal, and the unspeakable grief pervaded the entire place during my visit. 

With the news of Bin Laden's death, I'm sure tears are shed again by the people who have lost their loved ones in the 9/11 attack. This time for retributive justice, this time for the end of violence and terrorism. Peace be with you all.

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