May 23, 2011

Amorita, Little Love

I am back from a four-day holiday in Bohol.  There are so many things to write about that wonderful vacation but I'll start first with Amorita Beach Resort.

This is the view of the resort from the beach.

The view of our room from the plunge pool.

The view of the plunge pool from the room.

A little preview of our villa.

The resort has a hotel and a few private villas with a view of the garden or the ocean. 

The infinity pool by day.

And by night.

Nights are good for al fresco dinner.

Then back to the villa for wine...

...or beer...

...or Mango Margarita.

And that pretty much sums up our days and nights at Bohol.

Next post: Bohol beach.


Naturally Carol said...

Looks like the ideal holiday place! I must admit though that the sight of all those beached boats just scared me for a second bringing back a fleeting thought of what beaches look like before a tsunami hits. Doesn't look like one hit you though..thank God.

Romina Garcia said...

I am crying out of jealousy and cleaning the drool off the keyboard as I type.
This place is to die for!!

Lizeylou said...

Looks super luxe ... Totally envious!!