April 10, 2011

Truth To Tell, I Am Not Anorexic

If you see me, you will not immediately think of me as overweight. I have a small bone structure. I am petite. I have thin arms and an even thinner pair of legs.

But right smack in the middle lurks all my unwanted fats. I don't know why they just want to concentrate on my hips, my waist, my belly. They're all there!

Look at these pictures. They were taken in Boracay about 4 years ago. I already felt very conscious of my paunch even back then so I never had a picture that expose my belly.

I've gained 15 pounds since then but if you look at me, you will see very little diff in my arms and legs. They're still thin. My face showed a little flesh but my waist? Whoa!!!! They just inflated in unbelievable proportions. 

These pictures from a recent wedding we attended show how creative I had been in hiding the monstrosity within.

And so, tired from adjusting my wardrobe to hide my floaters (which can be quite expensive, too), I have decided to provide some aggressive intervention at this point.

I have started to take Xenical, a fat eliminator. We do the advertising for this brand so I've pretty much done all the research about this product (which is very important for me as a consumer because I'm not a pill-popper).

I've taken some "Before" shots of my hideous tummy and I'm prepared to bring it out when the "After" shots are ready.

Let's get it on!


JM said...

Borocay! Would love to be there right now!

supermac said...

JM: It's Boracay season already in the Philippines ;-)