April 24, 2011

The Making of a Bikini Bottom Party Part 1

This has been a long-delayed post but I thought better to do it late and do it properly than rush through it just for the sake of posting. I'm making such a fuss about this because it is about my daughter Laila's 7th birthday party and also about how my husband, Jake, singlehandedly mounted this event.

I, as usual, was busy with a pitch that time, and it is by God's grace that I married a guy who can marshall all the resources needed to make this party memorable for our dear daughter. 

I feel as spoiled and as special that day as my sweet, sweet Laila.
The front and back design of Laila's invite. Done by my good friend, Maki. Laila loves Spongebob Squarepants and she specifically requested for this theme for her 7th birthday party.
Unna, my eldest daughter (in pink) and I escorted a blindfolded Laila to our village clubhouse. Laila's best friend, Julienne (in blue), who arrived there ahead of us, rushed to hold Laila's hand.
(Left) Big Sister Unna removing the blindfold. Best Friend Julienne preparing for the big....
(Right) Surprise!!!!!!!!!
Warm hugs from Julienne. I must say that we were outstaged by the BFF. But we're not complaining. It's so nice that my daughter has found a nice, sweet friend.
Coming up next: The partey. PS. Happy Easter to all.


Kymmie said...

Oh, so gorgeous! I love this. And she does look extremely excited!

supermac said...

Thanks, Kymmie. It was really such a priceless moment.