April 20, 2011

I Want Bossypants Now!!!!

I can’t say that I am truly a fan of Tina Fey because I seldom watch SNL. I’ve seen clips of her acts though and I remember getting really, really impressed with her hilarious yet intelligent performances.

Then an officemate sent this link entitled A Mother's Prayer For Its Child and with this sole piece, I am instantly converted to a devoted fan. My gosh, this woman is brilliant! Is she really from Planet Earth? Nah, she can’t be. 

Photo taken from theage.com.au


Kymmie said...

I love this: The picture of her sitting under the table, and her wise words. Being a parent is such a huge responsibility. And we will never stop worrying. Ever.

Thanks for sharing this. xx

supermac said...

It is currently out of stock in our bookstore. But I read the first few pages in Amazon. Tina Fey really, really writes well. I like funny writers. It takes a different kind of skill. Not so easy to elicit a laugh from people.

Will write a post about it when I finally get a copy xx