April 30, 2011

Excellent! Excellent, Indeed!

For some strange reason, the royal wedding today brought to my mind the weddings I've seen in the recent past of Pinoy showbiz royalty. Pinoy couples still play for the audience in their very own wedding, tearing up at the right moments, the brides overly conscious of their beauty, inserting what they thought were cute quips in their wedding vows, the dramatic and cloying look in each other's eyes, positioning their best angles for the camera. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

Contrast this now to the simple and relaxed energy exchanged between Prince William and Kate throughout the entire wedding ceremony. Classy!!! And swoon-inducing!!! 

Other faves from today's proceedings:

Kate's simple gown.
Kate's simple make-up, which she did herself.
The hats and tails of the guests. Oh so Brit, which is such a refreshing novelty in this American-influenced Third World country.
The sparkly cars!Pappi and her fab serpentine gown and to die for figure
The Beckhams (but how can Victoria survive in those heels?)
Prince Haaarrrrryyy!!!

I just love it that they managed to make it simple despite the pomp and high brow glamour. This is indeed one happy occasion for "little girls" like me who still embrace fairy tales and happily ever afters, even for just a few hours, in an otherwise ordinary day.

Pictures taken from E-News

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Kymmie said...

Oh, there was so much to love about this wedding. I, too, loved the geniuneness of the couple and the relaxed vibe (and gorgeous dresses of course!).

They look like a very 'together' couple and I just felt sad that his mum wasn't there to see him get married. How she and Kate would have loved each other!