April 27, 2011

Church Simplified: A Better Late Than Never Post-Holy Week Post

There was a tradition in our neighborhood when I was a kid that involved “sponsoring” a station of the cross. I remember my mother fixing an altar outside our house and we would all wait for the ladies who went house to house to reflect on the events leading to Christ’s Cruxificion and praying a litany of sorts on each house.

These days, aside from the traditional Stations of the Cross in churches, you can also reflect on the last moments of Jesus Christ through an interactive installation art courtesy of Church Simplified.

We brought the kids in Bonifacio High Street last Saturday in the hopes that they will understand better the meaning behind the greatest sacrifice ever done for mankind.

There were several activities in the walkway, most of it symbolic but nonetheless effective in tugging at the heartstrings. My most favorite activity is the Pray It Forward in the Two Simons station (you get a piece of paper in a bowl and pray the prayer of a stranger then you put your own prayer in another bowl, allowing another stranger to pray for you). I’m glad the kids will have their own childhood memories of the Holy Week and it’s not always going to be about long vacations and beach trips.


Naturally Carol said...

I like the idea you mentioned in 'the two Simon's' station..praying for God to move in someones life is about the biggest blessing you can do for someone else I reckon!

Lizeylou said...

While I am not religious at all I love "Pray it forward" I have never heard about this before but I think it is a beautiful thing to do. Such a special thing to do with your kids.

Kymmie said...

I love this. And think that it is certainly a lot for your girls to think about. Even us 'grown ups'.


supermac said...

Thanks, girls. Glad you liked it. It was a big hit here in the Philippines.