April 30, 2011

Storybook Girl

It is a tale as old as time. Yesterday, Cinderella appeared again before our very eyes, as Kate Middleton emerged outside the Westminster Abbey as a full-fledged Princess slash Duchess slash Countess. It seems that the world stopped for this wedding and everyone gushed at her vision in a tiara, in a very elegant gown..…graceful even as she appeared nervous.

The Prince told her “You looked beautiful.” and appeared truly in love as he stared at her while she said her vows. She rode a carriage, walked with the kings and queens, stood in a balcony before a throng of crowds, unbelievingly muttering “Oh, wow!” at the size of the audience craning their necks to stare at her in her now literally and figuratively elevated position.

These are stuff that storybooks are made of. And I bet millions of girls went to bed last night happy and dreamy, because of this very rare chance to witness the transformation of an ordinary girl to a real princess. It was unbelievable, and almost magical. I admit, unashamedly...it took my breath away.

Excellent! Excellent, Indeed!

For some strange reason, the royal wedding today brought to my mind the weddings I've seen in the recent past of Pinoy showbiz royalty. Pinoy couples still play for the audience in their very own wedding, tearing up at the right moments, the brides overly conscious of their beauty, inserting what they thought were cute quips in their wedding vows, the dramatic and cloying look in each other's eyes, positioning their best angles for the camera. Tacky. Tacky. Tacky.

Contrast this now to the simple and relaxed energy exchanged between Prince William and Kate throughout the entire wedding ceremony. Classy!!! And swoon-inducing!!! 

Other faves from today's proceedings:

Kate's simple gown.
Kate's simple make-up, which she did herself.
The hats and tails of the guests. Oh so Brit, which is such a refreshing novelty in this American-influenced Third World country.
The sparkly cars!Pappi and her fab serpentine gown and to die for figure
The Beckhams (but how can Victoria survive in those heels?)
Prince Haaarrrrryyy!!!

I just love it that they managed to make it simple despite the pomp and high brow glamour. This is indeed one happy occasion for "little girls" like me who still embrace fairy tales and happily ever afters, even for just a few hours, in an otherwise ordinary day.

Pictures taken from E-News

April 29, 2011

The Royal Cupcake

There is no escaping the royal wedding. Yesterday, my good friend Divina gave me two boxes of cupcakes, one each for Unna and Laila. 

When we opened the box, some bloody reminders of the wedding today were revealed in its sweet and dainty glory.

April 27, 2011

Church Simplified: A Better Late Than Never Post-Holy Week Post

There was a tradition in our neighborhood when I was a kid that involved “sponsoring” a station of the cross. I remember my mother fixing an altar outside our house and we would all wait for the ladies who went house to house to reflect on the events leading to Christ’s Cruxificion and praying a litany of sorts on each house.

These days, aside from the traditional Stations of the Cross in churches, you can also reflect on the last moments of Jesus Christ through an interactive installation art courtesy of Church Simplified.

We brought the kids in Bonifacio High Street last Saturday in the hopes that they will understand better the meaning behind the greatest sacrifice ever done for mankind.

There were several activities in the walkway, most of it symbolic but nonetheless effective in tugging at the heartstrings. My most favorite activity is the Pray It Forward in the Two Simons station (you get a piece of paper in a bowl and pray the prayer of a stranger then you put your own prayer in another bowl, allowing another stranger to pray for you). I’m glad the kids will have their own childhood memories of the Holy Week and it’s not always going to be about long vacations and beach trips.

April 24, 2011

The Making of a Bikini Bottom Party Part 2

Here are more wonderful scenes from Laila's 7th birthday party. The whole event was orchestrated by my husband Jake, who took care of interviewing party suppliers, comparing costs, doing the food tasting and all. 

Because he did such a good job at it, I am secretly hoping he'd take on the responsibility of staging all the family parties until we're old and grey ;-) 

Jake woke up early that day to supervise the decor in the clubhouse.
Top: The pineapple balloons are so cute.
Bottom: Adult tables were set up in the pavilion while kiddie tables with Spongebob tablecloths were scattered around the swimming pool.
Jake arranged for an adult buffet, a kiddie buffet, a waffle cart, and an ice cream cart. We didn't get to eat much that day, as in all the other celebrations that we hosted. But the guests said they enjoyed all the meals.
A bubble show and a balloon drop (each balloon corresponds to a prize) were some of the activities in the party, as if swimming wasn't enough.
Speaking of swimming, each kid got a door prize of a water bazooka. Oh, to be a child!
Soakin' up on the success of the party.
Good job, Dad. I'm sure Laila won't forget this.

The Making of a Bikini Bottom Party Part 1

This has been a long-delayed post but I thought better to do it late and do it properly than rush through it just for the sake of posting. I'm making such a fuss about this because it is about my daughter Laila's 7th birthday party and also about how my husband, Jake, singlehandedly mounted this event.

I, as usual, was busy with a pitch that time, and it is by God's grace that I married a guy who can marshall all the resources needed to make this party memorable for our dear daughter. 

I feel as spoiled and as special that day as my sweet, sweet Laila.
The front and back design of Laila's invite. Done by my good friend, Maki. Laila loves Spongebob Squarepants and she specifically requested for this theme for her 7th birthday party.
Unna, my eldest daughter (in pink) and I escorted a blindfolded Laila to our village clubhouse. Laila's best friend, Julienne (in blue), who arrived there ahead of us, rushed to hold Laila's hand.
(Left) Big Sister Unna removing the blindfold. Best Friend Julienne preparing for the big....
(Right) Surprise!!!!!!!!!
Warm hugs from Julienne. I must say that we were outstaged by the BFF. But we're not complaining. It's so nice that my daughter has found a nice, sweet friend.
Coming up next: The partey. PS. Happy Easter to all.

April 20, 2011

I Want Bossypants Now!!!!

I can’t say that I am truly a fan of Tina Fey because I seldom watch SNL. I’ve seen clips of her acts though and I remember getting really, really impressed with her hilarious yet intelligent performances.

Then an officemate sent this link entitled A Mother's Prayer For Its Child and with this sole piece, I am instantly converted to a devoted fan. My gosh, this woman is brilliant! Is she really from Planet Earth? Nah, she can’t be. 

Photo taken from theage.com.au

April 17, 2011

The Long and Short of It

Once upon a time, I actually had long hair. But my hair's texture is super thick and super big. And for it to look decent in shoulder-length (and also not scary to other human beings), it has to be cut in multi-layers. 

Then I cut my hair short and realized instantly that it's more me. I like its wash and wear and wax convenience. I also like its "Whatcha lookin' at" attitude. So over the years, my hair style was in various states of "pixie-ness". 

The problem is, pixie does not sit well with my daughter Unna, who has been egging me to grow my hair already.

She is in that stage when she wants to conform and part of following convention is having a mom who does not have wild hair and who does not sport a tattoo, just like "the other moms in school".

Oh, wow. Didn't realize that I'd still confront issues about societal norms at this stage in my life. I thought I'm so over this in high school.

Note to self on the next Parent-Teacher Conference: Wear sleeved tops. Do not expose tats. Flatten hair. Temper rock-and-roll attitude. Try to be a normal mom!

Then after PTC, and after putting the kids to bed, drink a mean cocktail and do a rebel yell.

April 10, 2011

Truth To Tell, I Am Not Anorexic

If you see me, you will not immediately think of me as overweight. I have a small bone structure. I am petite. I have thin arms and an even thinner pair of legs.

But right smack in the middle lurks all my unwanted fats. I don't know why they just want to concentrate on my hips, my waist, my belly. They're all there!

Look at these pictures. They were taken in Boracay about 4 years ago. I already felt very conscious of my paunch even back then so I never had a picture that expose my belly.

I've gained 15 pounds since then but if you look at me, you will see very little diff in my arms and legs. They're still thin. My face showed a little flesh but my waist? Whoa!!!! They just inflated in unbelievable proportions. 

These pictures from a recent wedding we attended show how creative I had been in hiding the monstrosity within.

And so, tired from adjusting my wardrobe to hide my floaters (which can be quite expensive, too), I have decided to provide some aggressive intervention at this point.

I have started to take Xenical, a fat eliminator. We do the advertising for this brand so I've pretty much done all the research about this product (which is very important for me as a consumer because I'm not a pill-popper).

I've taken some "Before" shots of my hideous tummy and I'm prepared to bring it out when the "After" shots are ready.

Let's get it on!

Waking Up Happy

I just came back from a planning session in Tagaytay and although I was gone for only two days, I terribly missed my family too much. Blame it on the cold weather, the ill-timed acting up of the pesky hormones, the fatigue that started even days before the planning (with all the prep scrambling) and the strong compulsion to smoke under those circumstances).

I did not have a restful sleep despite the very comfortable and homey accommodations we had in Tagaytay Highlands. I missed my bed, my own pillows, the sight of my room. I missed waking up with Jake next to me. 

And so when I woke up yesterday morning, in my own home, on my bed, after a deep, sound sleep, I felt immediately happy. I am home. Yes, I am home.

My simple white ceiling light greets me everyday.
I never thought scenes as stark as this can also be missed.

Sorry for the rather crude shot but this is what I see next.
 I sometimes stare blankly at my toes, which sometimes lead me
to think consciously about the shape of my feet, the color of my toenails,
the veins that I hate so much. What's with feet and women?

A worm's eye view from my bed.  I love catching a
glimpse  of the clouds and the sky before getting up.

He doesn't read my blog so he's not going to see this, haha.
My only point is, this scene is the best part of my every morning.

April 8, 2011


In Tagaytay right now and feeling so far removed from the world. It's so very cold and it is biting ruthlessly on my temperate-conditioned skin. It's making me kinda lonely, too. Is that what cold really brings?

Yesterday, I saw a woman driving a car with smokes on her left hand. I saw myself in her. Kinda cool, I thought, from my tinted, tainted window.