March 13, 2011

Wednesday Revelations

I was feeling really grumpy since Sunday last week and naturally, the people around me became hapless casualties of war. I was really very impatient and easily irritable and it took a lot of effort for me to not express it but also quite punishing emotionally to contain it.

Jake, my rock-star looking husband,
understands my diva moods. 
Anger is one emotion that is alien to me because I am naturally a happy person and usually also calm and patient. It is very difficult to explain where all the anger now is coming from. I suspect nicotine withdrawal or my hyperthyrodism or stress, maybe.

So I prayed for laughter Tuesday night. Yes, laughter. Recently, my laughter is hollow. Almost forced. And that depresses me even more.

When I woke up the next day, my husband Jake shared with me over breakfast some great news from his office that will of course also benefit our family. I almost had a heart attack when I heard this wonderful news.

Then at work, we went to a high-level Client presentation. The materials got approved and the presentation generously complimented by our clients. This project got all of us excited because it is a big one that will guarantee a lot of buzz again for our agency.

In the afternoon, I went to church with the girls in the office for the Ash Wednesday mass. We thought we wouldn’t be able to hear mass that day but luckily, we discovered a nearby chapel that had a 530pm schedule. I felt light after the mass, my heart welled up with so much gratitude for the so-far-so-good Wednesday I was having.

My beautiful girls
I kissed and hugged the girls tightly when I got home. We weren’t able to talk much and play but I just cuddled with them while they watched TV, as if I’m the one needing their warmth the most. Then after dinner, I scrapped my plan to work to watch with Jake on DVD the movie, “I Love You, Man”. It turned out to be a laugh-out-loud movie.

I went to bed that night thinking about how my Wednesday unfolded. I only prayed for laughter but what did I get? I got a reminder of the many, many things in my life that give me a sense of joy, fulfillment, and contentment.  Jake and the girls, my job, my friends, the small comforts of life, sharing a laugh with my husband after a tiring day at work. God made me taste all forms of happiness in just one day, and in a very profound way. But He also did not forget to throw in as a bonus some silly movie so I can laugh hysterically too. 

I feel so loved, from heaven to earth. I shouldn't complain.


Kymmie said...

This is fabulous. I love how you spent the day laughing and loving. The best kind of day. And one you won't forget. Ever. xx

supermac said...

@ Kymmie: I'm glad I've had the time to write about this post. The grumpies are thankfully gone (so far). But when things get rough, I'll probably read this again.