March 13, 2011

Walk This Way

For days, I was trying to write a strategy set-up for a brand that I have no affinity for.  (Just imagine being made to develop a strat for say, a plumbing fixture. What do I know about it?) 

The direction has already been set and the client brief very pointed already as to where they want to take their brand which is all the more difficult for me because I have to make their strategy sound on-brief and at the same time fresh.  

This is probably one of the reasons why I'm so stressed out because I couldn't get into the groove for days. I needed a quiet place to write but alas, quiet is impossible in the office. I also couldn't write with earplugs on because the music interferes with my thoughts. "I'm so dead", I thought, as the deadline looms near.

Then on Thursday morning, I woke up very early to try writing again. But at the last minute, I decided to just take a walk around our village. I wasn't thinking of anything. I walked to clear my head in the first place. But as I took my steps, thoughts started running in my head. Magically or miraculously, the strategy piece came to me a few blocks away from our house and I returned home perspiring from the excitement of having an idea already for my piece.

That's what they say about writing. You sometimes get your ideas at the most unlikely places and in the most unlikely times. In the shower, in the loo, while watching a movie. In my case, it appeared just around the corner.


Kymmie said...

Well done. Inspiration on a morning walk. I know you must be AMAZING at your job. xx

supermac said...

Thanks, Kymmie. We just got the good news last Wednesday that we won the pitch for this stuff that I was talking about in this post. Thanks for your generosity towards this blog. Much, much appreciated.