March 26, 2011

Reality Bites

Casual day in the office.
Kidlat party in Boracay two years ago.
These guys from American Idol.....they seem to be the type I could have a few bottles of beer with if they happen to be people I interact with in real life. But in the episode two weeks ago,  they sang songs from the year they were born and instantly, I felt so ancient. I knew those songs by heart. As an adult.

I deal with people who are way, way, way, way younger than me. But in the adult world, and particularly in the advertising world, you conveniently forget the age diff. How can you not when you share the same passion for creativity and the same thirst for fun and alcohol?

Then once in a while, talks suddenly go to popular songs when you were in school. When that happens, I get a grim reminder that these friends of mine, my co-creators of ad campaigns, my drinking buddies....are young enough to be my children.



Kymmie said...

Oh, I'm giggling at this so much! Can relate totally. In fact, because my hubby is 12 years older tham me, we have a giggle about the songs he remembers, and the songs I haven't heard of! But that being said, you look young, you act young, and it doesn't matter if you have lots in common. Just don't tell them your age! xx

supermac said...

Thanks, Kymmie. I tell my friends how old I am. But for the blogworld, it shall remain a secret. Haha.