March 27, 2011

Hilarious Kiddie Talk

Laila tripped on her way to the clubhouse the other day, as she was in such a hurry.  Pointing at her wounds on the knees, elbow, and ankle, she said, "Mom, I didn't realize one trip can cause so much damage."

Laila: "What does furious mean?"
Unna: "It's like a bad cake made with 10 cups anger and half-scoop wild."

Oh, I wish they won't have to grow up so they remain funny and wise ;-)


Elizabeth said...

Very cute comments!

Kymmie said...

So precious. It's great to document the cute things they say. As much as we think we will remember them all, we might forget!

Your girls are gorgeous. xx

Lizeylou said...

I love these photos!! Kids are so funny ... I love listening in on their own private conversations when they explain things to each other - just gorgeous!!

supermac said...

@ Thanks, Elizabeth and Lizeylou.
@ Kymmie: It would be nice to be reading this post again when my daughters have grown. I'm sure they'd have a laugh.