March 22, 2011

Finance For Idiots

Went back to school (at AIM) to attend an executive course called "Finance for Non-Finance People".  I am forced to do this because we set up an advertising agency a year ago and we cannot NOT know our numbers.

Now, me and math, we don't really jell well. Did I tell you I flunked Math 101 in college?

But here I am, navigating balance sheets, income statements, cash flow reports, and forecasts. I feel so bad I want to cry "rape" in the classroom.

By the way, this is a 5-day program. And it's JUST the end of Day 2 today. I now appreciate that quote I read somewhere that says after Monday and Tuesday, even the calendar says WTF. 


Anonymous said...
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Kymmie said...

This is so funny and cute. Love the calendar quote ;) You look so stressed in this photo. But now you can be relieved to know it's over!


supermac said...

It sure was stressful, Kymmie. Hehe. But we felt so fulfilled after.

joeh said...

So you failed Math 101. At least you got through Math 1 through 100!

Cranky Old MAn

Life In A Pink Fibro said...

Love it! I hope you got there in the end.

Visiting via the Rewind.

supermac said...

LIAPF: yup, made it alright ;-)