March 6, 2011

fancy pants: let's do disney

I've had enough fashion talk this week when I wrote about my new bag, Her Cuteness, so I'm going to feature instead my daughter's fashion style for Kymmie's Fancy Pants linky.

Most kids in the Philippines wear uniform to school. But my children wear "civilian clothes" all the time because they go to a Montessori school that encourages self-expression and individuality even at a young age.

Unna, who is 8, decides already on what to wear everyday. I thought at first I should just let her wear what she wants to wear even if the colors or the style combination do not match. Quickly did I realize it shouldn't even have crossed my mind. If you look at these pictures, it's clear that she has a sense of style.

And I just know I should constantly be fashionable as well so I can be truly called my daughter's mother. 

Denim skirt, white statement shirt and Joe Jonas cap: hand-me-downs from cousin
Pink statement shirt from SM; denim pants with butterfly patches also a hand-me-down from cousin


Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

awesome little fashionista you have there - love her style and you are right, she does very well choosing her own outfits xx

Kymmie said...

Oh, she is gorgeous! Thank you for featuring her in your blog at last!! Love her style and know that she will be just as stylish as her mum!! Thanks for linking up to Fancy Pants today. xxx

Romina Garcia said...

She's beautiful!!
Quite the little fashionista!
You must be so proud x

supermac said...

Thank you Brenda, Kymmie and Romina. I've shown your comments to my daughter. She just loved the "fashionista" label ;-)

Anonymous said...

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