March 3, 2011

blue blooms, baby

We went to the Powerplant Mall the other day for a lunch-out at Cibo and also, to buy a replacement for my pressed powder. But on our way up to Cibo, the big bold SALE letters of CMG beckoned. I bought nice wedges from the same store last January but before that....well I couldn't remember anymore the last time I bought myself a pair of shoes. So maybe it wouldn't hurt if I buy another pair.

So I bought a nice strappy sandals in nude with fantastic silver heels. (I like everything funky but I also want something that will allow me to wear it for years and years until my shoes give up on me. So you will never catch me wearing that Romanesque sandals that extend to the ankles because I know that while today it's in, the next day it will be sooo out.)

But while I am happy with my strappy sandals, the one that brought me to seventh heaven was THE bag. I wasn't planning to buy one but the bag called me. Yes, it did. It went, "Pssssttt..." and when I looked at the source of the sound, I saw this charming black and blue beauty. 

While my heart skipped at the sight of this pretty bag, I tried to remain cool and just said, "You're so cute." I managed to pick it off the shelf and looked at myself in the mirror. I gasped at my reflection carrying the bag. I thought, "Ohmigosh, this bag was born for me."

Still, I tried to mute the nagging voice in my head and the voice of the bag that says, "Pick me. Choose me. Love me." It was ringing in my ears for sure. But with a firm resolve, I left the store to head off to Mac Cosmetics, which is why I am in the mall in the first place.

But after buying the powder, my friend Teeny went back to CMG again. This time, the bag called again, "Psssttt..." I picked it up, checked my reflection in the mirror carrying Her Cuteness, and thought with resignation, "Ohmigarsh, we're really meant for each other." So with a skip to my step, I went to the counter to buy the bag (at 50% off so there really was no point ignoring this baby).

When I went back to the office, I immediately showed it off to my girlfriends and everybody just echoed what my thought voice said to me. It has my name written all over it, or shall I say, it has my name intricately woven on its very fabric. It's so you, they said. Another friend, Lester, said it best. "You did not choose the bag. It chose you." Yep, I couldn't agree more.


gabino said...

hahahaha, tumitinatagle ka na meng!

Romina Garcia said...

I'm in agreement. Sometimes the clothes and accessories choose us.
It is one of life's marvels :-)

Kymmie said...

Oh, this post is so funny. I can so imagine that bag calling your name and telling you it was made for you. (And if I look hard, I can actually see the word Supermac in the gorgeous rosettes). It sure is a lovely thing. And I can see you carrying that baby with those funky wedges. Oh my! It's been fashion overload at your place. In a good way of course ;) xx

supermac said...

@ gabby! the best compliment ever! hahahaha

supermac said...

@ Romina, thanks for the comment. I enjoy reading your blog ;-)
@ Kym: so glad that you saw my name on it also. Hahaha.

The Clip Cafe said...

Oh love them both. Very stylish!