February 27, 2011

tiny darth

You must have seen this ad already because as of this writing, it already got over 32 million views on youtube. However, I thought this is a fitting follow-up to my Star Wars post below.

For those who have not seen it yet, you will just love the boy in this ad who acted brilliantly with mere hand and body movements.  I heard that this 6-year old boy wears a pacemaker because of a heart condition, making him Darth Vaderish in real life.


JM said...

Yes, it's a great ad! The kid (if it's a kid) is so cute. :-)

stephanie said...

Hahaha i love this ad too!! They were doing a news segment on the little boy under the costume but I didn't get to watch. I'm guessing he's super adorable!

supermac said...

@ Hi, JM. We thought at first that a child couldn't have done that so brilliantly but when we checked the hands, It did look like a kid's hands. It turned out to be a kid alright. Only 6 years old!
@ Hi, Stephanie. I was able to watch that on youtube. He really is super adorable.

Felicity said...

Loved every minute of it!
As a VW driver I have to say it was doubly brilliant.
xx Felicity

supermac said...

Felicity, wish I'm driving one too ;-)