February 27, 2011

star wars weekend

My husband, Jake.
He wore this to an office party last year.
Because my kids took to Lord of the Rings very well, we thought it would be easy for them to do a Star Wars marathon. We did Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back one Saturday and Return of the Jedi the following day.

The moment the music went up and the opening scroll was shown, my heart swelled from the excitement of reliving the fascination I had for all the characters in the movie, humans, humanoids, robotic droids alike. I remember the thrill, the rush of pleasure I felt watching the space wars, the light saber duels. I remember watching in awe and not overanalyzing the acting, the plot, the soundtrack, which I am wont to do now as an adult.

As we grow up, I realized that we have become so jaded that we lose our “sense of fascination” that we once had an abundance of as kids ourselves. 

But what do you know? Taking a trip to a galaxy far, far away brings this sense of wonder back. My kids loved Star Wars. But my husband and I enjoyed it more.

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The Clip Cafe said...

I remember my uncle dressing up in this when i was a kid and scaring me so much!!