February 25, 2011

new zealand earthquake

Even if I was very tired from work, I stayed a bit late the other night to catch some details on the earthquake. A reporter from CNN explained that the 6.3 magnitude was more devastating than the 7.0 earthquake which rocked NZ last year because of the sandy terrain of Christchurch, its proximity to the waters and the shallow source of the tremors.

Grief is expressed in the same language, regardless of your nationality.
I watched intently and immediately trashed my dream to buy a condo unit by the beachside in Batangas. I am extremely terrified of earthquakes, having been emotionally wounded from the 1990 earthquake that caused over 5,000 lives, especially from the epicenter in the North where the magnitude was listed at 7.8.

What's left of the Hyatt Terraces. I had nice memories of this hotel.
The tremor in Manila was a little less than 7.8 but powerful just the same. I was still young then but the memory of being caught in a high tower, feeling the violent shaking of the building, hearing a din of screams, prayers, shattering windows, that buzzing sound that seemed to accompany the earthquake itself, and the loud thumping from my heart remain fresh to this day.

I shudder at the mere memory of that moment. So I can't even imagine what the NZers are feeling right now.

World, let's rock the heavens with our prayers.

Photos taken from the Net


Naturally Carol said...

Thank you for giving me an insight into what the people in the earthquake must be feeling. It must be terrible enduring all those aftershocks continually too! Yes..pray!

supermac said...

It was horrible. I don't want to ever feel the same way again.

Kymmie said...

Thanks for your thoughts on this. I love the last line. And I'm sure that heaven has been filled with them! xx

supermac said...

I just read this morning stories of people texting from under the rubble. It is just heartbreaking ;-(