February 3, 2011

natalie portman in the black swan

For those who have not watched it yet, do not worry. I will NOT share the plot and give important details about the movie.

I watched it after Natalie Portman was declared as the Best Actress winner in  Golden Globe. If you haven't seen it yet, prepare yourself for some shocking, disturbing and extremely provocative scenes.

Despite that, I think that the movie is really Oscar-worthy. I am in awe of Natalie Portman's acting here. Were it not for the dark scenes, I would have relished watching the film again and again to marvel at her take on the role of Nina, the ballerina performing the lead in Black Swan.

That she doesn't know how to ballet prior to the film even brings the level of difficulty higher for Natalie Portman. But she did own Nina, looked and danced like a seasoned ballerina (through six months of training, I read somewhere) and brought forth a tenderness, sensitivity and a dark side at the same time to her very complex character.

It was perfect.


Lizeylou said...

I have been hesitating as to whether I should go and see this movie ... I am just not sure if it will be too intense for me. Was thinking maybe I would go during the day so when I got out I still had lots of time to think about it and process it before going to bed. What do you think?

supermac said...

All I can say is that there was a lot of screaming and covering of eyes during the movie. It IS intense. But it is a good movie ;-D

Kymmie said...

Thanks for this post. I love Natalie Portman and I've heard rave reviews about this movie (and also comments saying it was very dark). It's on my list for when I next get a chance to go to the movies! xx

JM said...

Loved it!