February 25, 2011

little bee by christopher cleave

Note: One, this is not a book review. Second, I extremely hate spoilers so I shall be considerate to the few people who read this blog by not revealing the plot and divulging highlights of the book, as most book reviews do. 

When I buy or borrow a book, I don't read the synopsis on the book jacket. I don't even want to know what the story is about. I want the book to surprise me and swallow me whole with all the emotions it intended to evoke from its readers.

How do I know if it's a book I will love? If a friend tells me it is a good book, I buy the endorsement in a heartbeat. Sometimes, I wander in the bookstore searching for new books, and I find myself getting drawn by the title first. Then I read the first page. If I get engaged on the first page, I am sold and off I go to the counter.

"Little Bee" is one book that will grip you right on the very first page. It is an excellently crafted book. This is the first time I've seen a style like Chris Cleave's. It is funny- the dry kind of funny. But there are parts in the story that are touching, and also horrifying, which he sometimes relates still in a dry kind of funny way, which I find refreshing.

I just borrowed this book. But I'll probably buy a copy for myself so I can read it again someday and fall in love again with the way Chris Cleave strings pain with laughter, bitter with sweet, sorrow with hope, from first page onwards.


richelle jean said...

cool! I've been looking for a good novel to read and I'll look into this one. thanks for sharing!

supermac said...

Hope you like it, Richelle ;-)

Kymmie said...

Oooh, I love a good book. But I vowed that I wouldn't buy a new book this year, but read the piles I have lying around the house first. I must be disciplined... but I might put it on my list to buy when I'm finished all the others... thanks for sharing! xx

supermac said...

Thanks, Kym. I've also read that post of yours about the books and magazines lying around the house ;-D