February 20, 2011

goin' gaga

Years ago, I had this conversation with a Portuguese-American colleague at a karaoke party. He told me he is amazed that every Pinoy he knows sings quite well and that even those who claim they don’t really sing CAN actually sing.

Filipinos who made it big in the international scene are singers- Lea Salonga, the original Miss Saigon, the voice of Disney’s Mulan, and a recipient of a Tony and an Olivier no less; youtube discoveries Arnel Pineda, lead singer of Journey (replacing Steve Perry) and Charisse, who already appeared in “Glee” and is being managed by Oprah (yes, the Oprah).

Last Friday, Lady Gaga herself discovered another Pinoy. An officemate who follows her on Twitter shared it with us:

If you want to see how this 10-year old girl captured Lady Gaga’s heart, check this out.

Last we heard, Lady Gaga already invited this wonderful girl, Maria Aragon, to her concert.

Meanwhile, back here in the Philippines, the music continues. Because where I’m from, everybody sings ;-)


gabino said...

true, every pinoy... except me!!!!!!!!!!

supermac said...

hahaha. excuse me, nag-a-apo hiking ka kaya!

Anonymous said...

ugh. hate the hair.and ako talaga ang pic?

supermac said...

ganda kaya! tsaka pagtanda natin, magandang balikan itong pic na to ;-D btw, bakit ka anonymous? di ba nasa blogspot ka?

Felicity said...

Wow, she REALLY IS amazing.

I've just shared the clip with my 12 & 13 YO's and they just kept saying over and over "Oh, my God!" "Oh, my God!" I think they were rendered almost speechless by this girls' talent.

I can hear one now singing the song in the bathroom and the other is bouncing around the kitchen singing it too. Thanks for that gift!

Felicity xx

supermac said...

Felicity: I love your kids' reaction, hahaha. My girls, who are 8 and almost-7 were also amazed at the way this little girl Maria sang. I saw a video clip of Maria talking to Lady Gaga by phone patch. That was also a touching scene.

Maxabella said...

Incredible. Reminds me of the time I first heard Charisse on Oprah. x

Kymmie said...

Thanks for sharing! What an amazingly talented girl. And I think you have a bit of talent yourself. Sing like noone's watching ;) xx

supermac said...

@ Hi, Maxabella. So you've seen Charisse! She just won Best New Artist in Japan!
@ Hi, Kymmie. Hahaha. I do sing like no one's watching ;-D