February 26, 2011

fancy pants: even when you’re sick and tired

In front of our building while waiting for the van that will take us to our meeting.
Disheveled hair and puffy eyes by the end of the day.
But the layered accessories are still in place.

Our back-to-back-to-back pitches caused us back-breaking long nights, weekend meetings, mentally tiring sessions. We paid for it dearly in the ensuing days. We were so sluggish, both in mind and body.  We kept asking what day it was (every single day!) because our concept of the days got screwed up when we lost our weekend to work. We would wake up in the morning still feeling tired, no matter how long we slept during the night.

I would have wanted to just show up in the office in jammies. But then again, dressing lousy I thought, will just compound my feeling lousy inside. Fortunately, I have a casual black sheer top, a simple denim pants to match my mood. It’s a simple get-up, not too put-together, but not lousy as well.

Finally, a layer of accessories can put some kind of fancy on an otherwise plain outfit and an otherwise sluggish day.

By the way, we have so far won 2 pitches and we have been already shortlisted for the 3rd pitch. 

Now this gives me a good excuse to be really fancy pants and all.

Black top: hand me down from my sister Cari
Denim pants: Solo
Necklaces: leaf necklace, a gift from my friend Mike; ball necklace, bought from a stall in ATC
Bag: faux fur bought from a bazaar
Shoes: bought in a mall in the US


Kymmie said...

You sound like you need a weekend! So excited you're pitching fabulously, but I'm feeling so tired for you. But great attitude. I think dressing sloppy just makes the misery even more miserable. So at least you look hot (even though you probably feel like sleeping).

PS. I'm loving your tattoo by the way. Very nice! xx

supermac said...

Thanks, Kymmie. We're enjoying our weekend now, the first in 3 weeks I think. That's why I'm also blogging like crazy. Nice to have my mind off work.

supermac said...

Re the tattoo, I actually have two. One is an aztec sun, the one shown here on my arm. The other one is a psychedelic daisy on my back. I'll write about it one of these days ;-D

Brenda @ Mira Narnie said...

i love outfits that are generally a no brainer and can help lift your mood. congrats on winning those gigs and love the accessories xx

supermac said...

Thanks, Brenda. I love your Fancy Pants stuff as well

Lizeylou said...

You look great ... hope you had the chance to relax over the weekend x

Joni Llanora said...

You're one cool mum!

supermac said...

Thanks, Lizeylou and Joni ;-)