February 6, 2011

chasing the monday blues away

I always hear people complain about Mondays. Nobody likes Mondays. I suppose it is normal that after a glorious two-day weekend, people would grumble about having to get up in bed for work.

I do experience that once in a while but when I got older, and when I started to build a family, I became more and more grateful of the grace that is work. When you consider also the fact that some people are out-of-work, with several mouths to feed, and with mortgage to pay, you will realize that Monday is not so bad after all.

I love my work with a passion (ever since I was a newbie in advertising). So far, it has loved me back in return. 


Kymmie said...

I'm loving this positivity and a new way to look at Monday. What you say is so true. By the way, you look absolutely fabulous. Loving that jumper with the shorts and flats. You have such great style! xx

supermac said...

Thanks, Kymmie. We have "shorts days" here in the office--one of the perks of working in an ad agency ;-D