January 18, 2011

scenes from a wedding

The couple's abloom

The view from the reception
Our friends Chan and Rina (who is also the Creative Director in our advertising agency) got married last 1.11.11. Typical of the couple, the wedding reception was devoid of videos, pre-nup photo displays, fireworks and other gimmicks that accompany Filipino weddings these days. Why, they didn't even have the traditional wedding dance.

The look of the party area from start to finish
But it was one wedding reception I tremendously enjoyed. The food from Vivere was delish, the wine overflowing, the music great (and we expected no less from Chan who worked as a DJ before advertising discovered him. He is, like Rina, a Creative Director in McCann Erickson).

It was such an intimate affair that it almost felt like we were on our usual night out with our friends in the industry, except that we were all dressed up for the affair.

Happy guests

Congratulations again, Chan and Rina. If your wedding reception was any indication, the rest of your life together will surely be one big party.

Photos borrowed from various friends' FB posts

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