January 10, 2011

rpg metanoia

The Metro Manila Film Festival was notorious for being overly commercial so I was wary at first about watching RPG Metanoia. But I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this movie was well-conceptualized and excellently executed.

I am a veteran of kiddie movies. I watched all animated and non-animated kid films last year. So for this mom to get engaged and give RPG a rating of five buckets of popcorn is really saying much for this wonderful film.

Much has been said about its story, the quality of the animation, the scoring, and I agree that it was well-polished on all fronts. But for me, what made this movie memorable was its Pinoyness.

It is not everyday that you will see these in an animated film: a beat-up tricycle, bangus on the table, a garden set, a parked jeepney and a basketball court in the middle of the street, a sari-sari store, etc.

And what lovely depiction of the games we played in our childhood: patintero, sipa, shato, piko, touch ball (the only game I was good at as a kid), tumbang preso.

In my book, this should have won Best Picture in the MMFF. I hope this film earned money during its run and I hope that when the DVD is out, people will support it and send copies to friends and relatives abroad for a bit of nostalgia trip. 


Kymmie said...

Thanks for sharing. I'll be looking out for this one!

supermac said...

Hi, Kymmie. Thanks for dropping by. RPG is a local film and it is dubbed entirely in our local dialect, Tagalog. I do hope it will be released internationally, though. That would have been a first in Pinoy history ;-D Happy New Year!