January 30, 2011

of blog love and beautiful strangers

Part of the joy of blogging is not just posting but reading other blogs as well. You get fantastic recommendations from Blogs of Note. But sometimes fantastic discoveries can also happen via random visits, and sometimes through links from other people's blogs. 

I do enjoy visiting the blogs of Kymmie, JM,  Scooper, Dale, my friend Gabby, Bee Ean, Chris and of late, discovered two more from Agnes and Lizeylou.

I love it that I can follow lives and experiences, mostly of people I do not know, and mostly from countries I have never even visited nor even heard of. I love it that with each post, with each rave, rant and reflection, I get to know more about them somehow, each person becoming more and more alive in my mind.

I am therefore joining Blog Love, stumbled upon this morning with a post from Kymmie. Thanks to you, Kym, and to the author of Blog Love, Lucy, for opening doors to more beautiful discoveries from beautiful strangers.


Kymmie said...

Oh, I'm so happy to hear that you've joined Blog Love. Isn't it the best idea ever? And Agnes. I just want to hug that girl. She's been through the wringer hasn't she? But I love getting to 'meet' people this way. It's totally wonderful and fascinating. Glad I can get to know you better too. xx

supermac said...

It is indeed a great idea. Addicting also. Haha.

About Agnes, oh wow. I actually met her through your link. I hope she recovers soon. I'm sure she will, based on the number of people who have been giving her virtual hugs and who have been praying constantly for her.

Nat said...

Following you from BlogLove.

supermac said...

Thanks for the follow, Nat :-D

The Clip Cafe said...

Yes i found it through kymmie too look forward to looking at the blogs :-) Stop by ours if you get a chance :-)

supermac said...

@ The Clip Cafe: Thank you. Followed you as well! ;-D