January 19, 2011

my princess unna

Since a lot of people seemed to have enjoyed my post about Laila, I will tell you more kiddie stories in our household, with Unna this time, who turned 8 last month.

She is very prim and proper, princess-like in so many ways. So unlike the rest of the family. Sometimes she would just shake her head and say: “I have a goofy family.”

I talk to my kids in Pinoy English but they respond with an American accent, or shall I say, Disney and Nickelodeon accent. But Unna would sometimes talk to me in a perfect British accent, learnt from movies such as "Parent Trap", "High School Musical 3" and of course, "Harry Potter". (Blimey!)

She is wise beyond her years, borne out of her love for reading. She would sometimes jolt me with the way she thinks and the way she strings her words. Some samplers of our “normal conversations” at home:

“Laila and I are supremely different from each other. She’s carefree while I am a worrywart.”

"Mom, Dad, I hope you don't mind me saying this, but.....for my next birthday party, can I just plan it myself?"

“My personal wish this Christmas is for people to live in peace and harmony.” (No, we don't watch Miss Universe at home.)

"My favorite Shakespeare books are Romeo and Juliet and A Midsummer Night's Dream." (Huh?? Shakespeare??)

And my favorite...

During the long summer vacation last year, she got so bored she wanted to go back to school. And to further stress the point, she said: “I feel like an old, wrinkly lola frozen in the winter night of Halloween.” (Whoa!)

Please forgive me for saying this but I really think I've got the cutest girls in the whole wide world.

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