January 23, 2011

mood swings

This week we went out twice and of course, there was drinking and of course, there was smoking. And I guess the most difficult part of quitting was the night outs and parties because smoking go very, very well with drinking and good conversations.

I was quite successful at avoiding the temptation of puffing even a single puff but I noticed that I wasn't the usual fun person to my friends. In fact, I've been cranky lately, which I quickly attributed to hormones, to the traffic, to the rains, the floods. 

I realized though that it could also be one of the side effects of quitting smoking. I can actually feel my body rebelling against the removal of nicotine from my system. I haven't been sleeping well, although that was nothing compared to the wave of emotions I feel, especially when on a night out with my friends. It is sad and it is ugly. I have actually prepared myself for these tough moments and the mind fuck that accompany quitting. But when they eventually come, it can still be overwhelming.

Gosh, this is really tough. But I'll deal with it. I don't have any other choice.


Kymmie said...

Hang in there. You. can. do. this! And think about the benefits your body has RIGHT now because you have quit. I promise. Hang in there. xxx

Lizeylou said...

While it might seem really crappy now you will feel so much better soon and it will be worth it. Stay strong you are already doing such a great job!

supermac said...

Hugs to both of you, Kymmie and Lizeylou. Couldn't talk much about it here so thanks for "listening".