January 13, 2011

midlife wonder

Tomorrow, January 14, is my birthday. My husband asked me what I want for a birthday present and I couldn't think of any. 

I am happy with my career and my family.  I am profoundly grateful for what I already have it will be too much to ask for anything more.

I think this is the mindset of someone who's getting really, really old. But let it be. Ageing is wonderful. I accept it with gratitude and grace.


gabino said...

Gab likes this

supermac said...

Thank you Gabster! <3

Lizeylou said...

I hope you had a lovely birthday and that you did get some fun presents. Sometimes getting gifts when you don't really want for anything is wonderful as they are a nice surprise.

supermac said...

Dear Lizeylou,
Thanks for dropping by. And thanks for the birthday wishes. I did get wonderful presents, the most fab of which came from the husband. Hope you can still visit.