January 11, 2011

laila, oh, laila

It's true. Kids say the darndest things. I've written a few of their funny quips last year. Here are a few more, featuring my 6-year old "bunso" (youngest), my crazy little munchkin, Laila.

She once frantically told me: "I lost my diary!!!! And my dignity!!!"

In a weekend afternoon walk, we saw some caterpillars on the street. She got very, very scared and said, "Mom, I have issues with worms."

Her good friend, Bettina, was in our house one day and showed me her Math exam. The conversation went like this:

Me: "Wow, Bettina, this is awesome."
Bettina: "My Mom helps me with my Math homework that's why I did very well on our periodical test."

Me: "Really? Here, it's their Dad who teaches them Math because I'm not very good in Math."
Bettina: "Oh, my Dad is also good in Math. Both my Dad and Mom are very good in Math."

Laila (stern expression): "Mom, you've got to work on your Math."

Over breakfast, she was being her usual hyper, chatty self. I asked her why she was overly excited. And she said, "Because crazy is in my blood." 


gabino said...

when she says crazy is in her blood - i believe her hahaha

supermac said...

wahahaha. I also asked Unna once: who do you think is more crazy, Mom or Dad? Ang sagot: "MOM!" (without batting an eyelash) :-D

Kymmie said...

Oh, to die for! I love those cute innocent words. And I'm assuming the crazy in her blood comes from you???

supermac said...

Hi, Kymmie. Crazy came from me, alright :-D

JM said...

Laila is not only cute but also very cool too. :-)

supermac said...

Thank you very much for the kind words, JM. I'll show your comment to my daughter ;-D