January 25, 2011

i love my skin

My laptop was stolen last July in Figaro, Salcedo branch (the manager did not handle it very well and was quite unsympathetic, which frustrated me no end). 

Of course I cried when I discovered that it got stolen under the table, under my nose! (How the bastard did it still baffles me.) Together with my laptop, I lost my speakers and my external drive where I kept all the files of my commplans, my strategies, research materials, TVCs, family photos and videos. Fortunately, I was able to burn most of my files in good ol' CDs so I was able to retrieve a lot. But a good 6 months worth of data were not backed up.

I terribly miss as well my Macbook's psychedelic skin. The person who is using my stolen laptop is a fool to rip it off (and a fool also to not do so. Either way, he is a fool. And I'm being kind here.) Anyways, it took time for me to buy another skin because I couldn't find the design that I like. 

Last month, finally, I found my new skin. And it feels good to the touch.


JM said...

Both skins are very cool. Sorry about the theft...

supermac said...

Thank you, JM. Nice of you to drop by again.