January 30, 2011

fancy pants

I'm going to try this linky, again discovered through Kymmie

Fancy Pants is a fashion spread that happens every Sunday. I've been wanting to do this but I just never had the time to actually get down and write about it, until now. So here it is.

Being in the advertising business, we sometimes wear "costumes" to client presentations to reinforce an idea, or to make our team look like a cohesive unit or just for the fun of it.

In one major presentation for a bank client this week, we did prints. The boards got approved (no, not because of the costumes. The creative team did show fantastic stuff.) and to celebrate, we ate out at Conti's in Serendra. When the heat became unbearable, I moved my chair at a spot where pillars cast shadows.

Our Art Director, Tokwa, took these pictures while I was busy chatting with my officemates  (from a distance, yes). The effect, I thought, was rather cute and charming.

Dress: Archaeology. Shoes: CMG. Headband: A belt in its previous life.


Kymmie said...

Gorgeous photos. Stunning dress and you look beautiful. The linky isn't there, but if you click on "Click here to enter" and paste your URL there, it should work! Thanks so much for being all Fancy Pants. You look amazing! xx

supermac said...

I finally did it ;-D Thanks for the compliment. I should do this Fancy Pants thing more often. Hahaha.

The Clip Cafe said...

Great I love the images and effects too!

supermac said...

@ The Clip Cafe: Thanks. It's just an Iphone app. Nothing fancy ;-D