January 13, 2011

brisbane flashfloods

Pausing for a prayer for the people who are in Brisbane and in Visayas who are inundated with massive flooding. The Brisbane flashfloods reminds me eerily of the Typhoon Ondoy which I wrote about here

I was also greeted this morning with a poignant shot of a bride in Visayas (shown here on the front page of Inquirer) waiting for a military truck so she can make it to her wedding.

Typhoon Ondoy was really a shocking, devastating incident that probably scarred many Filipinos for life. After Ondoy, every typhoon that follows scares me out of my wits, even if the typhoon does not directly hit home. 

To my friends who follow this blog, and to the random readers who stumble upon this post by happenstance, please say a prayer for these two cities who are caught in the midst of nature’s fury.

Mother Earth, please calm down. 

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Kymmie said...

Oh, it's just awful what is happening in Queensland. We've been praying, and we're glad you're praying too. xx