January 28, 2011

bipolar hub

The name of the restaurant is "Van Gogh is Bipolar". It is not meant to sound artsy-fartsy. The owner, Jetro, is bipolar for real and because of his condition, he found his way to healthy, organic food that naturally gives him endorphins. This is what he serves in his restaurant.

The concept alone is intriguing so off we went to the North last week. The first thing we noticed about the place is that it is small but it has an interesting display of art, knick-knacks, teapots, and souvenirs from trips abroad. 

The meals are all named after famous people who are also bipolar. We were like, "Oh yeah? So and so is bipolar?" 

Jetro has a collection of hats which you can use while waiting for your meal. We took this opportunity to do some photo ops.  Every corner, every wall, every object in this place is a conversation piece. 

There are no waiters here. Jetro prepares the food himself together with some kitchen aides. You go to this little window, write your order, ring a bell. Then you go back to pick it up when the food is ready. You return your plates when you're done. You get your receipt, you put your money in a box, you get your own change (if you want change).

The food, it seems, gave my friends a natural high, judging from the happy vibe that night. Do not ask me about my opinion because I am grumpy these days due to nicotine withdrawal and the supposed endorphins from Jetro's food didn't seem to enter my bloodstream. But my husband and my friends liked it so it so yeah, I think the food is good. As good perhaps as these pictures.

All in all, it was a great experience. Hats off to Jetro for turning his condition into an idea, or should I say, an art form, that brings to many people all these wonderful, wonderful sensations.

Picture credits: from my Iphone, and from the FB walls of Teeny G. and Wella B.


gabino said...

nize! saan ito?

supermac said...

Feeling ko mata-type-an mo to. Make sure maganda ang medyas mo kasi maghuhubad ka ng shoes bago ka pumasok. Haha. Also, mga 10 lang ang kasya sa loob so if you're a big group, better be early.

supermac said...

For those who are interested, VGIB is at 154H Maginhawa St., Sikatuna Village, Quezon City.

Kymmie said...

This is fascinating. What a fabulous idea. And so interested to discover some of the world's greatest are bipolar. I guess that's what makes them so great? Glad you are committed to stop smoking. The grumpies will go soon. (My husband said it takes a few weeks). Hang in there. xx

supermac said...

It really is fascinating. I hope to be back there when the grumpies are gone. Maybe the endorphins will work next time.

Lizeylou said...

What an amazing place!! I wish I could go and check it out.

Naturally Carol said...

Being bipolar obviously doesn't mean you can't be brilliant! I love the idea of no waiters and the privacy that would bring to eating your meal...and no extra cost for him either.

supermac said...

Lizeylou and Carol, Jetro will be happy to know that people from faraway places said wonderful things about his restaurant. Cheers and thanks again for the follow.