January 22, 2011

american idol, again and again

I was not particularly excited about American Idol because I have gotten tired with it, especially with the freaks that they gloriously parade during the auditions. And with Simon Cowell out of the show, I thought there wasn't much to be excited about with this season.

But then I caught the replay this weekend and was instantly moved again by images of contestants deliriously waving their gold cards. I teared up at the ensuing hugging, jumping of friends and family and at the stories of sick children or sick Dads. But most of all, my heart swelled again with new discoveries of beautiful voices singing old songs in a fresh, new way.

I watched the replay with a dispassionate attitude, FB-ing, Tweeting, reading blogsites on the side, occasionally glancing up when something funny comes along and before I knew it, I left the laptop, watched in rapt attention and ended the show with a decision to even blog about it. 

For I am reminded of why I loved American Idol the very first time I watched it, Fantasia era. Because more than the freak show they usually start the season with, American Idol is really about old-fashioned ideals of fulfilling dreams, of conquering fears, of the hopes of providing a better life for their families, of beautiful songs and the sublime ways by which they were sung.

There's no turning back. I am hooked again, it seems. 

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Kymmie said...

It's amazing how all the talent can still consume you. My favourite show "So you think you can Dance" It moves me to tears just about every episode... enjoy!

supermac said...

Glad you're up and about, Kymmie ;-D Here's to our favorite shows!