December 29, 2010

when you have kids in the house...mayhem

When we moved to our house in the south years ago, Unna was only about 3 and Laila, 2. So I already knew back then that we won't have nice, tidy walls for long. I thought to myself that I better just prepare myself for the eventual defacing of our walls. 

Over the years, they did deface the wall. And more.

The side of this couch...

...used to be a practice canvas for the girls. No wonder they were so quiet during the times when I put them on timeout. (And I thought they served their time well!)

I went home one day to find the kids' bathroom strewn with Spongebob Squarepants stickers. I would have thrown a fit, except that I also love Spongebob.

Somebody hid this hideous Band-Aid here, still in the girls' bathroom, thinking perhaps that no oldie will discover it.

Not too hot about this sticker on their bedroom door but I just let it stay, hoping they will outgrow this soon. (Nah, they're not aware of the bong party.)

My immaculately white cabinet, dirtied with a scrawl by my daughter that says "Bye Mom" (misspelled "By Mom"). She wrote this one morning when she left for school and I was still sleeping. This is my favorite dirt in the house.

The inner panels of their cabinet. Madness.

Thankfully, this utter mayhem in the house stopped for a long time already, now that the kids have aged and matured. They finally developed an ear for listening to the rules and developed fear of violating it as well.

Very, very, soon, we will have the walls repainted and have the stickers removed. But for sure, I will miss the reminder of their rascal days, especially the note on my pristine cabinet wall.

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