December 26, 2010

unna turns 8

She said she wants a simple birthday celebration. A day at the mall, books for herself and her sister, her favorite pasta, some rides, video games and a chance to pick her present.

As she loves designing clothes, she chose Harumika, a toy that comes with a mannequin and fabrics to style the doll with. But what she enjoyed most are her new books, which did not stay long in the bag as she started to devour it in the bookstore....

...while walking in the mall the toystore, slumped on the floor... the restaurant.

...and in the car on our way home, all through bedtime. 

So it was a simple birthday celebration alright. But my 8-year old is nonetheless one happy kid that day.


JM said...

Your little girl is so cute! :-)

supermac said...

Thank you <3 Will show this to my daughter. I'm sure she will be thrilled.