December 28, 2010

resolutions, resolutions

Now it is time to visit the resolutions I made early this year (click here). How did this little girl do? 
Let us see...

1. Buy Christmas gifts early. 
(THUMBS DOWN: Gifts were bought and wrapped last minute, just like the previous years.)

2. Remember people’s birthdays. Drop a note that makes them feel loved and special. 
(FABULOUS!!!: Notes sent to most friends. Must continue with this tradition.)

3. Eat more veggies.
(MAKING PROGRESS: Should do better next year.)

4. Walk around the village 3-5X a week. Run regularly, eventually.

5. Use the clubhouse gym and pool more frequently. (But first, learn how to swim.)

6. Teach the kids how to play the guitar.
(PASSABLE: My 8-year old now knows the chords A and D.)

7. Teach the kids how to play the piano (But first, have the piano fixed.)
(WELLL.....I haven't had the piano fixed (insert bitter laughter).

8. Teach the kids some choreographed numbers, just for fun.
(FABULOUS!!! Taught them some Hawaiian moves and some Michael Jackson numbers. My kids do not call me crazy for nothin'.)

9. Sew some fabulous patchwork blankets.
(UHHMMMM....why did I even include this in the first place?)

10. Pick up a brush and do some watercolor artworks.
(UHHHMMMM.....too ambitious?)

11. Write some more.
(FABULOUS!!!: If this blog is any indication...)

12. Travel some more.
(With a heavy heart, I say EPIC FAILURE: My family went to Bora without me. The trip to Jakarta with my husband got cancelled at the last minute. 

Next year, maybe next year.)

13. Eat while drinking.
(This is sooo funny....uhmmmm....never got to do it. 

PS. Isn't beer a complete meal in itself? :-) 

14. Drink more wine than beer.
(SO-SO: I did drink wine instead of beer on some occasions.)

15. Watch more films.
(I did watch ALL the kiddie films this year. Oh, wait, this resolution excludes kiddie movies?? Ok, FAIL!!!)

16. Funky-fy my old clothes.
(QUITE GOOD: Turned my brother's Beatle shirt to a dress. Turned a baby onesie into a Halloween costume. Nina Garcia would have been proud of me.)

17. Do some housework.
(Ok, I'm not known to be a domestic diva but I did a little cooking this year. Did a spectacular job cleaning my closet. Swept the floor every now and then. All in all, IMPRESSIVE. Pat on the back.)

18. Write and draw a storybook for the kids.
(WHY???? Why did I include this? Why do I want to punish myself?????)

19. Do something sweet for the husband (because i'm not really a sweet person. but i must try.)
(Let us ask the husband.)

20. Go to church regularly. 
(Let us ask God.)

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