December 21, 2010

coy's not us

Amidst the Christmas frenzy, the unusual rush at work (so we can finish everything before the break), the parties and reunions, we also had to squeeze in the traditional Christmas program at our kids' school. 

Unna danced while Laila sang with their respective classes. I was just so glad that they performed as if they truly enjoyed performing, as you can probably glean from these pictures. 

I wish I can say that they have taken their talent and the gusto by which they express themselves from me and me alone. But their Dad is just like them, and yes, just like me, who sing with all the verve he could muster when summoned onstage in office parties and karaoke nights.  

In Filipino, we call it "kapal ng mukha", an expression that foreigners do not easily get when you say "thick-faced". But I find it more descriptive and more appropriate so I'll say it again...I am extremely proud of my kids and I am happy that they have as thick a face as their parents'.

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