November 27, 2010

moving on

From the last week of October until mid-November, I worked non-stop, weekdays and holidays included. I'd just work and work and work, pausing only for mealtimes and cigarette and bathroom breaks. I pushed myself so hard, not stopping even when exhaustion creeps in and I would write and write and type away and continue until finally, the last ounce of energy leaves my body and sleep will just take over in the wee hours of the morning.  

The reason for the punishing and unforgiving schedule was a back-to-back pitch for a cough medicine and a beauty soap product, which we both lost to other agencies. When we heard the news that the other agencies bagged it, we were so stunned but were so tired as well to even feel the pain of our defeat.

The weeks that followed became a period of recovery, as our calendar became a bit loose and light. Soon enough, our body clocks adjusted back to normal mode, the colors on our cheeks returned, and our bruised egos healed. 

More importantly, the sound of our laughter bounced friskily again on our office's very white walls.

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