November 29, 2010


I recently posted these drawings of my two girls on my cube's wall. The left drawing was done by my elder daughter, Unna, 7. She is as princess-like, poised, graceful as the girl she has drawn. She has beautiful, straight hair, but her most fervent desire is to have curls, which found its way in all her caricatures. That's my girl, pretty and sweet as cotton candy.

The sketch on the right was done by my younger daughter Laila, who is 6 years old. Her personality was likewise reflected on her drawing: the eyebrows show a mad personality (and I say that with a lot of affection and fascination). Her ponytail snake-like, devious. Her mouth looked like it was constantly yelling. But her arms were drawn outstretched, reminding me of nights when I'd come home from work and she would run and jump at me with a very tight hug.

I only need to look at these pictures on my wall to keep me going at work, even in the toughest of days. 

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