November 7, 2010

long live, NU107

I'm all alone in our house on this lonely Sunday. I am working beside my Ipod dock but today is not the time to listen to my music. Today is a day to pay tribute back to the time before ipods and downloads, when music is something you do not control but is instead left in the hands of jocks. And yes, today is a day to thank all of 'em, NU jocks, for dishing good, fresh, unapologetically un-pop music, for their simple intros, intelligent conversations.

Today is a day to remember my younger years, when I'm alone in the car, stuck in traffic, and I would turn the music full blast and resist the temptation to do a head bang.

So thank you, NU, for everything, but most especially for those good times when we were left alone together. It is but fitting, I guess, that I am alone in our house today on your last day. I immensely enjoyed your company, and I just know there will never be quite like you ever in my life again.

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