November 23, 2010

the beatles on my safari

My officemate excitedly asked me to open my Safari (quick!) one early morning last week. I did as told and was thrilled to see the Beatles on the homepage.

I've been a Beatle fan since I was in grade school. Growing up, I got exposed to the music of my older siblings and cousins who have been fortunate enough to be in their teen years at the height of Beatlemania. On each lifestage, my admiration for them evolved from a mere enjoyment of the melodies of their song to an appreciation of its profound meanings, the sheer musicality and diversity of their compositions, their instrumentation, their love for experimentation and the revolution they created in their era.

After all these years, the Beatles still stirs in me an energy strong enough to make me smile wide everytime I click Safari. And I just know that there are a million Macbooks users all over the world who feel the same way I do. 

Yeah, yeah, yeah.

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