October 27, 2010

tv supremacy

We were watching cartoons last weekend and as usual, my two girls, 7 and 6 years of age, fought over what show to watch. We told them they should take turns watching their favorite show and once we settle on a program, there should absolutely be no channel surfing anymore.

Then we noticed our eldest girl holding the remote control and bringing it along with her to the kitchen when she gets a drink, to her bedroom or the attic when she wants to get a particular book or toy, to the bathroom...

And so her Dad asked, "What good is it bringing the remote when you cannot even change the channel?" 

My daughter replied, "Uhm, I don't know..." and she looked up the ceiling, trying to make sense of this peculiar behavior. Then her face suddenly lit up and continued, ".......because it makes me feel in control?"


Kymmie said...

Hehehe, that sounds exactly like my son. Holds the remote while getting a drink so his little brother can't get it. Kids stuff is so cute. xx

supermac said...

Thanks for your note, Kymmie. You've got so many cute and funny posts about your kids as well.