October 3, 2010

to-do list

1. Shop for shorts and new pants (because of my ever-expanding waistline). Check.
2. Shop for new pants and tops for the kids (because of their fast-extending limbs). Check.
3. Replace the coffee maker that conked out. Check.


4. Fix closet and fold clothes in opening-hour-department-store-perfection. (I'm halfway-through on this one).
5. Replace our bedroom blinds.
6. Buy new night lamps for my li'l bookworms.
7. Shop for new linens for the kids.
8. Schedule a re-paint of the house (we've been planning for this for the past 2 years!).
9. Have the piano repaired (I've never ever used it since I got it from my mom's house 3 or 4 years ago!).
10. Sort clothes that need redesigning, Project Runway style - like the XL Beatle shirt of my brother which I turned into a fab shirt dress for myself (I had the neckline altered and the sleeves cut).
11. Do cash flow report and 2-year forecast of income and household expenses with husband (call us prudent or call us geeks).
12. Discard old toys and kiddie clothes.
13. Discard old shoes.
14. Commission somebody to build us a shoe cabinet.
15. "Repair" the girls' bathroom mirror (I funkified an old mirror by glueing beads on the rim but most have fallen off already).
16. Clean the books and the bookshelf (the only chore I do not ever delegate to anybody).
17. Update Christmas gift list. 
18. Buy goggles for my kids.

Score: 3.5 out of 18 (the morale-boosting "point 5" in my score was driven by task #4. Gimme some credit for a closet fixed half-way through.)

I have an ambitiously long list. 

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