October 3, 2010

doing nothing

Well aside from my to-do list for my beloved home, Pugad, I have a separate to-do list for work, which is an endless stream of responsibilities it's making my head explode just thinking about it. 

I do spend some valuable time lately on FB, Twitter, and Blogger (tinkering with the settings, reading other people's blogs, updating this blogspot, building two others and hoping to create another one). Then I read the news, my books, some magazines. I watch TV and DVDs from time to time. 

In-between are conversations and playtime with kids. And in-between are emails, plans and strategies that creep into our Pugad-time. Quality talk time with husband has to be squeezed in during the day, sometimes with beer on the side.

Lastly, and most importantly, is that time I absolutely need to survive my everyday flurry of activities, and this is the time I need to spend doing...nothing.

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