October 15, 2010

los 33

Here you are, getting so annoyed already at momentary discomforts of everyday life....when thousands of miles away from here are 33 miners from Chile, whose indefatigable spirit allowed them to survive two months in a 2,300-ft-deep underground. 

Imagine how difficult the dynamics must be in such a big group living together in a small, stinky cave. Let us not even talk about the lack of food and the lack of air and sunshine which in itself, can already bring anyone down to depths of severe sorrow. Let us just talk about human nature, about how, in such circumstances, one can easily succumb to desperation, endless complaints and useless wailings. It would probably be normal to unleash stinging remarks to your co-workers because of all the discomforts, to infect everyone with your angst and misery. Or maybe the easiest would be to withdraw from the group as you get consumed with thoughts of hopelessness or even death.

But these brave Chileans remain steadfast as a group. They were able to organize themselves in a way that will put to shame many corporate organizations. I am amazed at the way they put order in their lives, organizing themselves in groups that alternately sleep and work. I marvel at these Chileans decision to always eat together, shunning the convenience of eating in batches for the symbolism of celebrating every meal as a group. 

As the rescue operations started (and what an awesome capsule!), we hear about how each of the miners wanted to be the last. We finally saw images of them in dark shades and big, bright smiles, with every single miner brandishing a spirit that is strong and unyielding and inspiring for the rest of the world.

Meanwhile, we see a lot of people here complaining non-stop at the slightest discomforts and momentary oppressions of everyday life (the heat, the traffic, the construction, blah blah blah). And you wonder if we really are as resilient as we thought ourselves to be. For now, I shall humbly give that word to the Chileans. Bravo, los mineros! Bravo, President Sebastian Pinera! Bravo, Chile!

* Pictures lifted from various Net images.

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