October 20, 2010

images from typhoon juan

The government and PAGASA were correct this time around in their forecast. It wasn't a pleasant one but the people were at least better prepared compared to previous disasters. 

Us, Manila residents, initially cowered in fear, even if the storm will not even hit our area. Ironically, the hourly updates even before the storm landed slowly made us feel a bit better, as it gave the impression that the government and the residents have braced themselves well for it. Psychologically, we also primed ourselves for the passing of the great deluge.

And yet, when the news from the north came, it still blew us away.

I wish, for once, that the news have just been sensationalized.

It is quite disconcerting to see a gasoline station get toppled like this. 
Mighty trees not just crushed to the ground, but trampled on by the mightier Juan.

* Pictures taken from the Net.

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paradox said...

OH MY GOD!!! KAWAWA!! :( im so sorry!! :( *prays*